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Originally Posted by Huge 0 Boss View Post
thanks for the push man appreciate it..and yea the reason i wanna get into it, kinda personal, less than a year ago i was 385 lbs, i'm now down to 295 lbs, and wanna do something to challege myself that obiviously i couldn't have done before at nearly 400 lbs. But i hear what your saying i mean i've also talked to a few guys at the gym i lift weights at that are into boxing that said i would be good for fit for a puncher/boxer. due to my build, and not to listen to the other guy about my arms being short. while my arms are only 25.5 inches. my back is 23 inches wide. so that helps my reach. So roughly 74 inch reach they also said that i would be able to probably take some good punches due to me having such a big neck, i think its 20.5 inches last time i got measured for a tux. they were telling me how a large neck helps absorb blows to the head. is there any truth to any of that? also is 74inches really that short of a reach?
Like Joshua said; find a gym you like and go from there. The workouts will do wonders for you if you stick with it!! Don't worry about the reach thing. When you have time on the mat, 6 months to a year, and if you have the urge to compete, then bring it up to your coach and pick their brain. Until that point arrives its pretty mych a non issue IMO. Have fun, learn the basics, and go from there.

Good luck and hope this helps.
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