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Originally Posted by D.P. View Post
I don't agree with that. Jones gnp was pretty good, but Hamill was getting his arms in there and stopping a lot of them, if not most from doing full damage. I think it was a rare moment where we actually saw Maz do right in NOT stopping it earlier. There were only a few strikes that got in there with full force. Including the last couple of illegal elbows that had Hamill pulling guard for no reason.

So he couldn't continue because of his shoulder?

I gotta agree with Josh I mean Hamill said his shoulder was injured....I have dislocated a shoulder but it is still possible to still try to raise your arm and defend your face especially with hamil's heart....I think the fact that the propper steps werent taken is another example of being Mazzed!!!

I am no longetr betting on fights that he refs....except I dont think there is any way to know in advance who will be the ref....

God he sucks!!!!

D.P. You dont think if hamil was doing like permenant damage to his shoulder cuz it was dislocated that he should be alllowed to keep going???? I thought part of the ref's job is to protect the fighter from himself.....

FTR....His face wasnt hamburger either it was that he was on his back, his nose was smashed, but he chose to close his eyes to keep the blood out and being on his back the eye sockets and nose were a bloodly mess, once wiped away his nose had really the only big gash!!!

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