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Originally Posted by jamlena
OK, more powerful than punches???? What school did you go to, anyone who has ever studied any Martial Art knows that Kicks & Punches are the most powerful strikes, elbows can cause serious damage like cutting someone and can "sometimes"knockout people but a kick or punch will KO someone a whole lot faster (ex:CRO COP, LIDDELL)so to say that elbows are more powerful is absolutley absurd. The range is just in a completely different class...plain old physics man
Just because you dont know how to use them doesnt mean that the fist is more powerful. Think about it lodgically if you punch properly the power from your punches comes from back and your feet. If you do an uppercut properly you barely move your hands and all. Hooks are more hips and legs right crosses are back. The force from the punch is exactly the same the difference is the contact surface. One is a pointed edge the other is two knuckles.

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