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Originally Posted by CaseyBeast View Post
dude 74 inch reach is awesome man my reach is only 68 inches.....but i am only 155 but 74 is fine and ive heard that to about the thick neck absorbing punches i dont know if its true though but alota people say it.
you sound like a beast just get a lean diet high in fiber and protein and do buttloads of cardio you will be amazed.
thanks man appreciate, how tall are you ?? if your 155 i'm guessing somewhere around 5'7 to 5'9 ?? for that height 68 inches would seem pretty good to me. I'm about 6'2

Originally Posted by Squirrelfighter View Post
Dude, I'm in your boat. I have a proportionately larger torso and head than the rest of me. However I have managed to sucessfully handle everyone I've fought--shittiness of local fighters not withstanding.

I don't know my arm length but I'm 202 with arms too short for my body, or for anyone else's. Meaning I'm well within most of my opponent's reach before I can tag them with a solid cross, or even with a decent hook.

Its brought on an advantage in hind-sight. The need to get in so close has done wonders for my guard as well as with my aggression and accuracy. I know that I have to have a total picture of my opponents helps with my choreographing and anticipation. I've even in one case managed to react to an opponent before he even acted. But he was easily choreographed--and really bad.

All in all, body proportions mean nothing. You find your niche as you continue to train. Your strengths come out early and with focus you can be whipping asses in less than a year--depending on effectiveness of local fighters.

thanks man appreciate it. a few people have said they thought i would be good in some sort of fighting. mainly because i don't panic, when they've seen me get into fights and stuff. Again in no way am i making a comparison of throwing hands in a street fight to stepping into an MMA fight, but i'm sure sound judgment is key in any fight situation you choose.
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