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Originally Posted by Kreed View Post
Wow u mean to tell me they couldnt have marquart vs belfort headline super bowl weekend? why the hell would the ufc put couture in the main event after his last showing (at 105) and the ratings were for that event was a disaster..A lot of ppl thought he lost and they go and make him a headliner 3 months later?
at thiago/koshcheck being co-main event status..Has there ever been such a sequel that no one gave a damn about but the ufc and koshcheck? seriously who asked for this...I know this isnt a popular opinion but I also think trigg/serra should be move to pre-lim for maia/miller
I think the numbers for ufc 105 were skewed because they went head to head with Pacman and Cotto. Unless they put on ufc 100 type card, they won't have a good draw going up against Pacquiao.

Although I agree that kos vs thiago co-main is a little weak, I'm interested in this fight. I like to see if Kos is really ready for a title shot after losing to alves, gsp and thiago. I personally think this fight with thiago is necessary to really help him erase what many (including myself) thought was a fluke knock out. This will give either kos some redemption or it will catapult thiago to title contendership.

I do agree that serra/trigg should be a prelim. I really want to see how maia bounces back from his knock out loss. At the very least, I see him as the frank mir of middleweight.
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