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Originally Posted by bbfsluva View Post
we're the paying public. we have a right to bitch and moan. believe me, i won't be ordering this shithole card or any others for quite a while if this is what's being offered. maybe we should just get on our knees and thank dana white for shitty cards between giving him blowjobs.
No, you don't have the right. You know why? Because you pay when you want to pay. You don't pay when you don't want to pay. It really is as simple as that. You have the option to give them money, and the option to with-hold. I'll be honest in saying that this isn't the most exciting card, no, but the negative attitude I see here in regards to UFC as of late is seriously getting ridiculous. These cards aren't always going to be winners They aren't always going to be as stacked as we'd like. It's all UFC can do right now to find healthy fighters, yet instead of being understanding and patient, we're content to knock and tear down an organization that has given us quite a lot, yet one that is currently in a bit of a bind? Kind of a shitty attitude to take if you ask me.
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