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Only a handful of UFC fighters take a cut of PPV revenue: GSP, Brock, Ortiz, and Couture are the only names that I am aware of that are regularly mentioned as roster members who receive any revenue from PPV's.

I have never heard of, read of, any source that claims Joe Stevens receives PPV revenue.

The most plausible estimate of how much UFC fighters make outside of fight purses is that it's often 100% of their UFC salary.

Originally Posted by Toxic View Post
Never mind that as the main event he would get a cut of PPV buys, merchandise (including DVD's). The fact is these guys make way more money than its made out to look like because everyone assumes the only income they have is the disclosed guaranteed purse, forgetting that many have lucrative sponsorship deals, signing bonuses, gate and PPV sale percentages. ETC, Im also very sick of the comparisons to the NFL/NBA/MLB/NHL etc, the UFC spends millions upon millions on marketing something none of those organizations are forced to do, they are the only show in town the UFC has competition and is trying to reach the point where the comparison can be made but they aren't even close in reality.

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