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Originally Posted by mrmyz
you can assume that it is one on one all you want and you can post all those best case scenario links all you want. The fact is that in any circumstance that you fight on the street you can never assume another person wont jump in to assist their freind it would be stupid to do so.

Im a cop and I have seen what happens from one on one fight in the street. One time these two kids were going at it one was winning and the other ones freinds gave him a concusion from a kick to the head while he was focusing on another opponent. In the real world you have to try and finish as quickly as possible. Im a martial artist but im also a soldier and I think like a soldier. Put me in a triangle in a real life situation and I will reach around grab your nuts and strat crushing them with my hand and we will see how long you hold that submition ...
you are a fool to think ahead in a fight, such as giving me a reach around... if you ever mixed it up you know in a fight plans rarely happen the way you want it.

good for you your a cop so you have seen what happends in the street, but that is only when you are called. i have lived in some bad spots in my life, so i have seen what happends before your called, i seen what happends when the witness "didn't see anything", i seen what happends when the witness stories don't match. and you as a cop, i hear you guys always *****ing about these problems.

as i said it is rare to get a one on one fight, but if it happends go with what you know. or what ever is working at that time.

few things i street fights i have learned in my life,#1 relax & revert to your training, #2 no police are there when it is going down (they tend to come after), #3 there is no fair street fight

i have seen fights happen and they are down the block watching, waiting for backup, the adverage time for back up to arrive is 8-12min. most fights don't last that long......
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