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That's one thing I did notice when Mazagatti stepped in, that he was communicating to Hamill as if he could hear him or understand him with blood pooled in his eyes. It was obvious he was hurt but the cut on the nose (caused by illegal elbows) was not the reason the fight *SHOULD HAVE* been stopped. They didn't even bother trying to give him his rest period. Since Matt could not either hear nor see Mazagatti ask if he was okay, he had no chance to respond to the question.

Josh Stein (aka Ironman here) posted over on MMAOpinion about the terrible job "the Maz" did in stopping the fight. Even worse was that the head of the Nevada State Athletic Commission (Kieth Kizer) was defending Mazagatti's miscall in the post-event press conference. I agree that Bones' shots were illegal and deserved a point deduction since they were intentional (without malice) but they were not the reason why Hamill was unable to continue. I would further argue that the fight should have been stopped before the elbows had even been thrown since Matt was doing little to protect himself besides cover up and stick his arms up. By definition I wouldn't consider those two acts as the fighter "intelligently defending" himself.
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