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Originally Posted by mohod1982 View Post
I'm sorry but it doesn't sound like you were ever really a fan to begin with. How can you lose all love for him that easily? The guy has some issues he needs to sort out and he'll be back just like he stated. There is no way Dana lets him go anywhere else...
I respected him throughout most of his fighting career up to this point. I thought he was an amazing person/athlete when he gave up his trophy to Ninja Rua. His explosiveness and passion was what made me a fan of his. I traveled through a snowstorm in -30* for 2 hours and spent the last money in my account to buy the shirt he wore before he defeated Chuck in the UFC. I was ready to work as long as I had to to go see him fight live. I never ever missed any of his fights and cried when he lost his belt. Ask any of my friends, Rampage was the sh*t for me. When he did that whole hit and run thing, I was behind him 100% and understood that he had issues he needed to sort out and the fact that he might never fight again. These are real issues, the issues he has now are fickle and stupid and I think go against the career he has built up until now. He said he didn't care about his fans, fine, we won't care about him either, but we paid his bills until now. I supported him as a fighter, but I will not support him as an actor.

And I agree with you that Dana won't let him go anywhere.

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