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Originally Posted by 420atalon View Post
I am really getting sick of all these threads like this popping up lately... If you don't like it don't watch it, you aren't obligated to buy every PPV.

I for one think this will be a good card.

Koscheck vs Thiago rematch is interesting to see if the first fight was indeed a fluke.

Lil Nog vs Vera is a very good interesting match up.

Marquardt vs Sonnen will be entertaining.

You never know, Serra vs Trigg might even end in a double KO which would be awesome.

The headliner may be a bit boring but there are plenty other good fights on the card. Including some good prelims which we will get to see a couple of at least.

Seriously though people, if all you want to see is title fights then just buy the PPVs with title fights on them...
Well said. Main event has the potential to be a hugging match, but lil Nog and Vera? Nog will bring it, it will end in TKO or KO.
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