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Originally Posted by mma_official View Post
I respectfully disagree. If you watch the fight again Steve stops the fight and deducts a point. He stands Jones up directs him to a neutral corner. All the while Hammill is flailing on the mat unable to regain his composure. Steve walks over to him looks at his eye, [ask matt if he can continue] and waves off the fight. Hammill [says no] and did not indicate until after the fight was waved off that there was a problem with his shoulder. You are merely speculating after the fact that his shoulder was the issue when there was nothing in the course of the fight to indicate that his shoulder was injured.

You can say, if you wish, that Steve had no right to stop the fight or to DQ, but you'd be wrong on both counts.

Be that as it may, there is little or no cause for an appeal on the basis of Steve's actions, as already stated by Kizer.

If you want to speculate on a misstep by the referee, he should have assessed the fouled fighter's condition prior to deducting a point.
There fixed ya story for ya so it was accurate. And it isn't speculation about why Matt said he can not continue when there was a post fight interview of Matt Hammill saying he could not continue because of his shoulder.

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