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Originally Posted by flourhead
yeah it does explain his lack of take downs. if you've ever played football or know anything about the sport you use your legs more than anything when you tackle somebody and the same goes for take downs

Losers make excuses.

If he wasn't ready to fight, he should never step in the ring. He didn't try a take down once, except to shoot when his jaw was tapped a few mins into the 1st round. But to address the issue of his leg injuries, what you are also pointing out is that AA has a low tolerance for pain.

I've seen fighters get of the canvas with a broken jaw, snap it back and knock the other guy out.. The underlying point is that he wasn't successful enough at boxing Silva, to substantiate not changing his strategy at any point, in any round in the fight.

No one would fault him for losing Galantly, or for my pleasure even in extreme violence, but he went out looking Soft. Circling around like a bunch of pancies.... Who cares whose face was scratched up more? They could've cut themselves shaving before the fight. Neither of them really hurt the other. There was no obvious intent at harm by either long-toothed punk.

Well perhaps AA can get better coaching, but he can not get a better tolerance for pain and therefore didn't disserve to win the belt on July 8th, and from what you are saying doesn't have what it takes to fight at the champ level....

Too bad, I used to like AA.
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