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Originally Posted by Ruckus View Post
He is ranked #2 LW in the world by many circles and I think its safe to say that BJ has/will continue to clean out the UFC LW division. I too would like to see a rematch with Kenny Florian who I think is second only to BJ in the UFC at 155. BJ owns 155 and just to make it crystal clear, why not bring in the so called top ranked fighters from around the world. Not only is it a bad match up for Aoki, I think its a bad match up for anyone at 155.
What skills does Aoki have that he can beat BJ with? His striking is bad, lower than most UFC LW fighters, his wrestling is not good, his takedowns are not good, his chin isn't exactly tested, especailly when you have BJ testing it. His BJJ is the only tool he has to do anything to BJ, and even then BJ is BJJ black belt champion, he isn't going to submit BJ, that's IF BJ doesn't knock him silly before it even goes to the ground.

My point is, yes, Aoki is a solid fighter and yes, it would be interesting, but at the same time there are guys in the UFC right now who pose more of a threat to BJ than Aoki does, so why go all the way to Japan to pick up Aoki when he poses a smaller threat than many guys in the UFC LW division?
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