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Originally Posted by VolcomX311 View Post
Agreed, but it was his debut pro fight, and he looked like Lesnar during Lesnar's first fight. Very erratic, uncontrolled, but shows a ton of potential. Mariusz's less then technically sound leg kicks still swept his opponent off his feet, which means if he can lock the form and technique down, he's kicking legs in half. I think Mariusz has potential. He's humble, which makes him very teachable and has a great work ethic. He can also do the splits, so if you can imagine Mariusz landing a Mirco Cro Cop high kick, someone's going into a coma.

Also, I'd imagine getting full mount on Mariusz would be like riding a bull at a rodeo.
Yeah totally man! Did you notice Lashley looked very similar too? Maybe its just the size and bulk of all these guys makes their movements similar. I also agree with the high kick, if he lands that the other dude better book a casket. I'd love to see him with a good camp and fight in the UFC or strikeforce.

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