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Originally Posted by jdun11
I Recently Met Tito..and I Asked Him The Same Question , And He Said The First Thing That I Should Do Is Work On Your Basic Striking..learn Good Footwork And Develop Ur Hands..and Than Once U Have Done That To Get Into A Form Of Grapling..jiu Jitsu Sambo 23 And I Didnt Wrestle In High School Either But Ive Taken A Few Basic Jui Jitsu Classes, And Id Liketo Get Serious About It..does Anyone Know How Quickly U Can Start To Really Get A Grasp Of Of Jui Jitsu..because Even If I Just Go To Fight In A Small Show I Dont Want To Go In Without Enough Experience And Get My Self Embarrased..basically Im Asking How Much Training Would I Need B4 I Decide To Fight In One Of The Small Shows
Part of it all depends on you and your natural skill level and how hard you train.. you might be ready for amature events in less then a year.. or it might take 3-4... all depends on how well you grap the knowledge and learn to apply it. but I would say at least a year for an amature event

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