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Tito Ortiz Tests Positive For Homosexuality

I gotta tell you guys, I am not a big fan of this guy at all. I was kinda neutral with him coming off TUF3 but ever since then he has just pissed me off too much.

Here are my reasons:
  • When he beat Shamrock the 3rd time he flipped him off the same way he did that got the whole feud started against Mezger.
  • When Shamrock was giving his retirement speech he stood there next to him anxiously awaiting his turn for the spotlight again cuz heaven forbid we don't talk about Tito for more than 10 seconds. I thought it was childish as f*ck.
  • After the 3rd fight with Shamrock he went around flaunting his new t-shirt that read "Punishing Him Into Retirement". That's so f*cking disrespectful it's not even funny.
  • After the Chuck fight he manned up and stated that the fight wasn't stopped early and that he was done for and Chuck was the best in the world and he is just not as good. Then a month later he says the complete opposite and says that the fight WAS stopped early and that he thinks he could beat Chuck in another rematch. Puh-lease....

What do you have to say to that!

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