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Originally Posted by lrbrugby View Post
Randy Couture earnt a title shot after coming out of retirement after a loss to Chuck Liddell. I'm being a bit cynical here - I love Randy and he was awesome against Sylvia - but according to your logic he didn't deserve a shot either. Did you apply the same logic to those circumstances?

You do relies that when Couture got the title shot after retirement there were no good HW at the time.... Brock didn't make a name for himself yet, Cain didn't or Shane Carwin OR JDS... And if im not mistaken wasn't he DEFENDING his title when he came out of retirement not OFFERED a title shot.... U should know ur facts....

I think this whole interm thing giving Frank Mir a another interm shot is retarded.... I don't care if Cain Vel has a fight planed, that just means they should have Shane fight Mir and Cain fight Nog and those winners fight for the interm or something... How can Cain Velasquez having NEVER lost yet, beats Kongo and then Ben Rothwell his last to fights STILL doesn't get offered Cain for whatever reason then offers Mir it? If the reason is because they didn't know when Brock would be back so they keep Shane on hold and give Cain fights that he only wants so he can get s title shot? The whole thing doesn't make since, and plus why would we want to see a Brock/Mir AGAIN.... I hope this doesn't give the winner a interm belt even Mir saying how stupid those are, and how it just confuses people...
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