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Originally Posted by xeberus View Post
Ok first off I have no idea what all is required at this place. I heard about the place from an acquaintance and got a brochure. I'm showing up with some cash and in workout clothes and going from there.

Questions: (im asking in your experience, obviously no 2 gyms can be the exact same)

1. What do you guys tend to do at your gyms?

2. Can dudes grapple with girls?

3. Do you get sweat on a lot while on the ground?

4. Is there a gayness factor? Not trying to be insulting/offensive but are there some typical criteria to follow when im on my back and a dudes on top of me?

5. Is it weird to start, or will I become acquainted with guys being in these positions with me?

Also im not a homophobe, I have gay friends and I've even kissed a dude (it was for a goddamn good reason now stfu) but I was sexually molested when I was a kid by a dude so that might come into play.

FIRST AND FOR MOST Do remember that ALL gyms are different. There are no two gyms that are exactly alike. I have trained at numerous places and they have some similarities but never close to being the same. That being said here are my your answers based on my experience:

1. When I get to the gym usually I'll change out maybe have a little bit to eat then start out with about 3-4 rounds of jump rope. After that I usually stretch on my own for about 10 minutes. Once the class gets there we'll work on a couple different techniques then utilize them in a round robin type spar work out.

2. Guys and girls can grapple together but I would suggest not to unless you want everyone see you get your ass kicked by a chick


4. No gayness factor... I think once you get into your first sub and are in a shit ton of pain you'll realize what makes this sport so BADASS

5. You might be a little weirded out at first but don't be afraid just do your best to learn and try your hardest

Most of all have fun... like all your coaches have taught you in the past good luck hopefully your not too dead let us know how it went

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