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Either guy against Brock for the title is great. But at this point, why does Mir get a shot at Carwin for the title? I just see this as Mir's record getting "padded" ( He is earning the wins, just saying, it's not world class competition he's beating besides dead Nog.)

That's just a problem it looks like I'll have to deal with... Not only has Mir not submitted anyone hard to submit in MMA

I guess this matchup just doesn't intrigue me at all yet Down the road It would have. I was looking more forward to Kongo vs Mir to be honest.

IF this is for a title SHOT, then I like it! But the Interim title thing has diluted the UFC before, and it will just do it again.

I REALLY wish Brock would vacate the title, so that #1 there would be less rush to get him back, therefore also relieving the insane pressure that is likely on him right now. and #2, so there would be NO MORE INTERIM.

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