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Stephen Maxwell - Cruel & Unusual Kettlebell Exercises for Real Men

Three brief but incredibly intense kettlebell routines that puts America square in the middle of the Russian map of kettlebell lifting! Each workout is well rounded, blending elements of kettlebell and bodyweight exercises with the distinctive style that has established Steve Maxwell as one of today's most popular workout constructionists.

Workout One

This workout builds strength, flexibility and endurance. Steve starts with core kettlebell movements and complements them with key bodyweight resistant exercises to create the kind of workout that can transform a competitor into a champion.

Workout Two

This workout is the stuff of warriors with movements like the Gladiator and the Turkish Get-up. Master this routine and your body will be prepared to march to any battlefield and then explode into battle.

Workout Three

This routine begins with Kettlebell Circles and ends with Kettlebell Swings, but the trick is making it through the exercises in between. If you do, you get dessert….Leg Raises, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu style.

Special Bonus Workout for survivors; Steve Maxwell's Killer Cardio Kettlebell Snatches for Power/Endurance.

Run Time 36:28
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