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Originally Posted by wukkadb View Post
Dude, are you trying to troll or something? Did you see the Lutter takedown? Hardly what I would consider getting "taken down with total ease." Silva went for a flying knee, and Lutter barely got an ankle pick out of it.

I do agree GSp would be able to take him down though, but then again, so did Hendo. Question is, can GSP last 5 rounds with Silva without getting KO'ed? Idk.
Are you kidding me? Lutter got three take-downs during that fight. One of them was so awkward it was embarrassing. Lutter reached down and tried to scoop Silva's ankle, and Silva fell flat on his back and stayed there. Beginning of RD2.

Originally Posted by AlphaDawg View Post
Nut-huggery at it's finest. Perfect example of why I do not hug the nuts of either of them.
How is it nut-huggery at all? A fighter with a similiar style but much less talent was able to nearly beat him. I don't understand how to argue potential fight outcomes without looking at previous fights...?


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