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Cung's kicks looked impressive, but its clear that Smith has zero experience with someone that throw kicks like that. Cung Le wont be landing many of those if he fights someone with some sort karate or tkd backround. Smith is more of a muay thay guy and isnt use to trying to evade kicks like that. They were mostly telegraphed as hell, I was surprised Smith wasnt way more prepared for that. Not saying it wasnt impressive to watch, just saying that if Cung hadnt gotten caught tonight, it wouldnt have been long before someone would have actually gameplanned for all of his flashy kicks. That said, I cant wait to see him fight again, its just really fun to watch.

For the post above, the fight probably would have been stopped if it had been anyone else, but Scott Smith is known for being able to take an insane beating before he quits and Big John is the best ref in the game, he probably factored that into deciding not to stop the fight when Le had Smith on the ground.
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