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Originally Posted by Confrontation
Bas Rutten..I've never been a fan of him since he was mediocre in UFC (almost lost to Kevin Randleman) and was in Pancrease where he dominated, not that very good of an organization. And he hasn't faught since 1999 and is a commentator for PRIDE and I just don't see him as "tough, violent, badass" you know what I mean. However Kimo Leopoldo has been just a brutal fighter ever since that return to UFC. He only could beat Tank Abbott, another washed up fighter and he got owned by Ken Shamrock, Ken Shamrocks only win in four years. So I bet Bas Rutten will win this match.
Mediocre? man you don't seam to know much about mma or ground fighting, or maybe you just didn't pay enough attention to the fight, i have never, i mean never again seen someone strike from his back like Bas did, sure he got his nose broken but come on try to have Radleman pinning you to the mat it's almost impossible to reverse him if he's got a good position but even that way i saw Bas elbowing ang kneeing him like i had never seen before and like i have never seen again, that's tough. Still, age catches everybody, Kimo is a can but any other average fighter would probably handle Bas his first lost since 1994

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