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Originally Posted by jamlena
Anacondas swallow their meal hole and when the meal is in their body their bones crush the meal. Anacondas feed on deer, pigs caiman( a creature that looks like a small crocodile).

That is FACT...look it up
Calm your self down to a fluster matey. Firstly I was only joking, nothing was even semi-seriously researched. I thought the hint of that within the posts/thread would have been quite blatant. Secondly, it is not the bone that crushes anything, it is muscle. FACT. More so, the anaconda doesn't crush it's prey, it suffocates it by not allowing it to breath. This is not crushing as such, it merely tightens it's grip each time the victim exhales, thus not allowing it to inhale. FACT. I can find no information what-so-ever stating that the anaconda crushes it's prey after consumption. If you can show me something of that sorts then I'll give you extra Kudos. FACT
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