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Originally Posted by brownpimp88
A lot of people overrate(not overhype) TUF 1. I understand that it produced the best fighters out there, but you have to remember that it was about two years ago. These fighters have developed to what they are today. On the show, like every other season, we saw boring to decent prelims, decent to good semis and a good finale. Just like every season. Stop overrating it. Its not as good as people make it out to be.
I don't think all people look at is the talent of the fighters.

TUF1 without a doubt was the best season of them all in my eyes for these following reasons.

1. It had the best fights
2. It had the best characters
3. It had the best coaches
4. It had the best fighters
5. It had the best house scenes
6. It had the best storylines
7. By far the funniest of them all

I hate challenges as much as the next guy, but everything else made up for them.

TUF3 was my second favorite for the only reason that the majority of the fighters that came from that show sucked huge balls, and 2 crappy fighters always make for interesting fights. TUF3 also in my opinion had the second best characters. Very comical.

TUF2 was my third favorite. Probably had the worst fights of all seasons, close with TUF4 though, TUF2s house scenes were just..BORING..AS..****. In my opinion Von Flue basically made the show when he appeared, dude was just comical the ENTIRE time, whether he'd be pissing Hughes off or just acting goofy, dude was hilarious. Cummo also helped.

TUF4 without a DOUBT the worst of them all. Not only was the concept of this show ridiculous and pointless, by giving undeserving "vets" a shot at the TITLE, but my god what a group of uninteresting characters and CRAPPY fights. Carter was hilarious, I concur, but he couldn't save the entire show, period. And...TUF4 had Matt Serra, automatic reason why TUF4 was the worst.

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