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Originally Posted by Emericanaddict View Post
Finally got a PS3 no that the Slim is out. I got the 250GB unit. Ive got to say though 360 still owns as far as gaming goes. PSN SUCKS ASS. The downloads are so amazingly slow it's unbelievable to be honest. On top of that the mrketplace catalougue is roughly a third of what is offered on the 360.

I do like the system and I LOVE MGS4 aswell as Uncharted (Havent gotten number 2 yet) but beyond those and Little Big Planet the pltform is sparse on gmes tht arent allready done, and done BETTER on the 360.

The one thing i love however is how quiet the Slim is. I cant even tell it's powered on most of the time. MS could learn something in tht aspect. The media support outside of gaming is good aswell but once again it's supposed to be a gaming system over all else.

Ive hated too much on the PS3 for sure but i stand by my origional statements that the 360 is the superior machine. Though i am a proud owner of both and cannot wait for some more PS3 exclusives tht really take advantage of it's power.

The ps3's pricing has been stupid and is what has cost it dearly!

Until then my 360 wins my gamers heart.
The psn Downloads are not slow for me, they seem fine! Ive put away my 360 for a whilke as my bro temporarily borrowwed me his ps3 (he's to busy with MW2 on the 360)

The 360 is not a superior machine its a shodily built pile of just waiting for mines to conk out. However that said i agree that the ps3 is not as complete as the 360 online.BUt nothing that cant be sorted out, gameplay on MW2 on psn online seems the same as 360.

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