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I think I understand what you're getting at. Though there are many different kinds of martial arts that would be effective in a ring, the majority of fighters seem to rely very heavily on Muay Thai or just good ol' American kickboxing for their striking skills. While I understand that its a more streamlined need to alter a sport art for another sport...I do find the repitition of Muay Thai fighters and wrestlers fighting Muay Thai fighters and wrestlers disconcerting. If I wanted to see Muay Thai all the time I'd go to the Phillipeans.

The reason few actual partice arts like Kung Fu, some forms of karate, as well as many, many other arts is because they require a large amount of alteration to conform to the general scheme of rules in MMA as well as to be effective against wrestlers and BJJ black belts. It stems more in my own personnal opinion from a lack of dedication by some fighters who'd rather learn something that can be quickly implemented rather than spend months or years tweeking a War-based art for sport usage.

I know that its difficult because I had to do it. I use Shotokan and Kenpo karate as well as boxing in my stand-up game. As well as Japanese Juijutsu and BJJ in my ground. And it took a lot of time to alter the karates and even some of the Japanese Juijutsu for sport use. My sparring partner can attest to overextended muscles and fractured fingers that it took some time. As well as my broken fingers and hairline cheek fracture attest to where my striking needed alteration.

The whole point of this being that Muay Thai and Wrestling are easier to implement as well as designed specifically for the very purpose you intend to use them for. Thus the casual fighter only wants to learn MT and wrestling. If it didn't take extra time do you think there wouldn't be more versatile fighters out there with a deeper repetoure(excuse that, I couldn't remember how to spell it)including more arts. But the fact remains that there is no art better than another, some are just better designed for MMA. Is it bigotry on the part of MMA organizations to design rules befitting MT? No, its just a matter of safety protocols overwhelming the violent instincts of the human being.

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