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Originally Posted by younggunz
I never knew the direction of your hips could make a diference in your punching.
This is an old thread, but it's just been linked to by the extremely expert Onganju, and I'm reading it again. This line caught my eye. This is not quite right.

It is not the 'direction' of your hips that produces power. It is the transition from the hips not being horizontally aligned to being horizontally aligned.

Sound weird? Yes, but you can try it for yourself.

Get yourself into a fighting stance. I am going to assume your left foot is forward and your right foot is about a shoulderwidth back. Your right foot is at about two o'clock. Right, now stop thinking about your hands and feet, and think about your hips. Your right hip is now going to be at least a couple of inches behind your left hip. (It could be quite a few inches.) Got it? Good. Now, make a twisting motion to pull your right hip, the back one, forward, so that it is parallel to the left hip. Got it? Good. Now do it about thousands and thousands of times. Because that is exactly the hip motion that unloads the power into the punch. (Actually, saying this, I realize it might not be that easy- it requires a certain kind of suppleness to do this with ease and fliuidity. So add a few more thousand.)

Hopefully the description and the experience of trying it makes it obvious why practise is so important- that motion has to be automatic and it has to be totally integrated into the other motions that you need- the slight pushing off the back foot, the slight rolling of the shoulder, the straigthening of the arm, and all of that with the 'snap' quality (loose...loose....loose.... BANG!!!!). It also illustrates why the the ambdomen/core is important- half of that motion comes from your middle.
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