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Originally Posted by G_Land View Post
ummmm no there are a bunch of nerves on the inside of your leg and your femoral artery and nerve if you strike it just right it will cause you leg to go numb...
Originally Posted by Shivers! View Post
Siatic nerve is on the out side more towards the back of the leg comes off your spinal cord at the top of the pelvis kinda runs through ur hip( according to my physio)... the best way to damage this nerve is to efectivley hyperextend the spinal column which puts pressure on the sheething than protects this nerve... imagine hitting yourself in the back of the head with a snow board while attatched to it (scorpioned in aus) Although uncomfortable it doesnt hinder my abiltiy to kick 6ft targets (im 5'10") No idea why inside thigh kicks other than annoyance and altering manouverabity and center of gravity
Regardless of the sciatic there are several nerves that run up the inside of your leg in the area where leg kicks land, while these theory's of causing nerve damage or spasms....

In short leg kicks keep your opponent off center and they are not able to create a solid base to counter from also it allows a fighter to keep distance.....not saying the nerve thing doesn't come into play, but it is not the main reason they are thrown.....
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