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Originally Posted by WestCoastPoutin View Post
I think a few people mis-read, or read over quickly.

“We appeased Mayweather by agreeing to a urine analysis at any time, and blood testing before the press conference and after the fight. Mayweather pressed for blood testing even up to the weigh-in.”

I do not know much about this matter, so what is the reason to ask for random blood tests? Does this really protect or help mayweather or any other fighter at all? Is urine testing not as efficient?
there are certain drugs only detectable by blood tests... I fully think this is BS and Floyd is a bitch for doing it. I hope when people look back on his "legacy" that they see he ducked Manny completely. Manny would destroy him and he knows it. His wishes to get drug testing up the weigh in are absurd when Manny says they can test him immediately after the fight and up to 48 hours before. If there's something in his blood it will show up immediately after the fight.
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