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Originally Posted by Divine View Post
Ok, ok it's not full contact all the time, but they still do the moves to each other, why do you think they have to spend years training, and working their way up if it's "just a play". It is for entertainment, they don't try to hide that, of course they will get up at the last second, it makes it more entertaining.

The matches aren't choreographed xD. The ending is scripted and certain spots in the match are set up e.g a high risk move or a part the gets the crowd going, but most of it they make up on the go, they talk to each other in the matches to decide what to do next.

Are you serious? They only work years on stuff because they try different things to test the reactions of fans. When they see something works better than others they put the others on the back burner. Saying the matches arent fake...are you 10?....whats real????them slapping their leg to sound like they hit somebody??? Somebody getting put to sleep only to be "resurrected" by the crowd screaming? ....I tried to watch it a few months ago because i saw a hot chick on there....after 5 mins i felt so embarrassed i almost covered my face....
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