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Jujustu (or JJJ, Japanese Jujutsu) is different from BJJ in many ways. One thing is that the majority of the JJJ techniques won't transfer into the ring because they are combat techniques. There is also striking in JJJ but not all schools teach that. JJJ also has Katas (though they are 2 people instead of just one).

Basically, if you're going to do MMA don't start in JJJ. What you should try to find if you can't get BJJ is Judo. It transfers well into MMA and it is sport compatible, so just about everything will transfer into the MMA ring. Plus, I've heard people say that Judo adds a lot to the ground game because the rules in Judo make it so getting a submission while on the ground is limited in time so the judoka are more explosive at getting submissions.
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