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GSP, no question. However, mad love to SUR1109 for throwing out my boy Randy

He did hold his own, wrestling-wise, with an elite level wrestler who outweighed him by 40+ lbs

You guys are arguing who has the best wrestling credentials. I guess if that is what you think defines the best wrestling, and don't take into account how they use it in MMA, then sure, GSP can't win.

However, I think the question implies that the wrestling has to be judged in the context of MMA. Here is a clip from a Statistical argument from

If fans overrate St. Pierre’s stand-up, then wrestling may be an area where St. Pierre is actually underrated, if you can believe it. It’s not that people don’t think he’s good, it’s a problem of comparison. The UFC welterweight division is stacked with fighters who come from wrestling backgrounds and boast elite credentials. In his UFC career, St. Pierre has faced a who’s-who of vaunted takedown artists: Hughes, Koscheck, Frank Trigg, Sean Sherk, and Parisyan, to name a few. These fighters are known for their takedowns; it’s their best weapon. So it’s only natural that St. Pierre’s takedowns would be downplayed when it’s only a facet of his game and the primary part of his opponents’.

Here’s the reality: St. Pierre is possibly the best functional wrestler in MMA. He’s not the best pure wrestler; a Division I national champion like Koscheck could probably beat him in a straight wrestling match. But in an MMA match, the tables turn. St. Pierre uses his strikes to set up his takedowns, catches kicks, and performs lightning-fast level changes against the fence. It’s that dynamism that puts him at a significant advantage over a less well-rounded wrestler whose takedown shots seem telegraphed by comparison.

Over the course of the 17 fights in his career St. Pierre has succeeded on 37 of 46 takedown attempts for a success rate of 80%, well higher than the average takedown success rate of 48%. He managed to take down every one of his opponents except for Serra and Hieron, who he knocked out standing instead.

The other component of St. Pierre’s wrestling dominance is his takedown defense. Again, the average success rate is 48%, but his opponent’s success rate is just 17% on 7 of 42 attempts. And once down, opponents can’t keep St. Pierre on his back for very long. To date, only Koscheck has been able to hold St. Pierre down for more than a minute at a time. In total, St. Pierre has spent less than five of his 120 fighting minutes on his back. This pretty much sums up my opinion.

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