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Originally Posted by Hellboy View Post
The fact 92.8% of the forum are attached to his nuts doesn't play a part ?
As Toxic said, people are on his nuts because he's such an amazing wrestler, not the other way around.

Also, I'm not on his nuts by a long shot, yet I still believe he's the best wrestler in MMA.

Originally Posted by JoshKnows46 View Post
so your telling me gsp can out wrestle dan henderson, or chael sonnon? no way.

matt lindland, and couture are olympic caliber wrestlers, gsp isn't on that level.
I don't see GSP doing better in wrestling than Hendo becasue Hendo is a great wrestler and has a lot of size and strength going for him. Strong, big wrestler vs. smaller wrestler = bigger wrestler winning.

Do I think if Dan was GSP's size, same weight class, with the same wrestling skills, that GSP would take him down? Yes, Rampage even outwrestled Hendo. GSP is far too explosive and strong at his weight, probably even a weight class above, for anyone to stop his takedowns. He's a great wrestler who's fast and explosive and has a lot of strength, which makes his wrestling even that much more impressive.
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