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Rounds 1 and 2 were correctly scored 10-9 for Rashad, he controlled the fight with takedowns and wrestling but failed to do any damage. However judging in my opinion needs more nuance then the almost standard 10-9 result. You could make the argument that round 3 could have gone 10-8 for Silva since he clearly had Rashad hurt with rashad failing to do anything significant in return wich would make the fight a draw.

Im not saying thats how the fight should have been judged, in this case I would be equally content with 29-28 as with 28-28 decision, I see arguments for judges going both ways, however id like 10-8 to be a much more common result in judging. That would allow more fair scoring when a fight has two close rounds for fighter A follow by a dominant round for fighter B for example.
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