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Essentially what Ace said highlights exactly why Rashad won this fight. I didn't enjoy Rashad's performance at all, however, for a couple of reasons.

First, Rashad's game plan appeared to me more of one that prevented any action from occurring for as long as he could, with clinch work and take downs. What bothered me was not the strategy of outpointing an opponent, but the clear desire to not even engage. It's not like Rashad was waiting for a good opportunity to counter strike Thiago, or even pound him out on the ground. His strategy was simply to pin Thiago down and prevent him from doing as much as he could, until the fight ended -- knowing that if he did so, he would win on points. It's hard for me to enjoy a fighter who lacks the ability to end a fight, and even more, shows no interest in ending a fight. I think Joe Rogan said it well ... Rashad can't feel too good about that win.
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