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Originally Posted by alizio View Post
including any fighter that he trained that has been a world champion, so yes, tyson and oscar are included. Having former world champions reach out to you for help is definately note worthy imo

well i cant find the total list but the names you dont want included are... but CC.... 17 is a big number either way, no??

this site says "more then 25" but gives a short list

that site says 17 but gives no list....

either way CC it's quite a bit of success... but you know boxing, so many belts hehe bound to get a few... but he is a good trainer, i dont think he is the best trainer I think Nacho Beristain is and then maybe roach or Nazim Richardson is doing a fantastic job lately.

either way, im just saying Manny is definately his star fighter. he has never really had a fighter with that kind of natural ability before besides Toney imo but i think he is a fine trainer and has been for many years, he has lead alot of decent fighters up the rankings aswell, it's just not easy to train all world champions in boxing.

Case in point most ppl probably havent heard of Nacho or his fighters...Chiquita Gonzalez, Daniel Zaragoza , Marquez, Ricardo Lopez because boxing just isnt big on the radar for most ppl lately but that list is SUPER impressive but aside from Manny or Pretty boy any roster is gonna be filled with names the general public isnt that familar with like alot of the good fighters roach has trained.]

Anyways perhaps we just disagree, i always thought Freddie was a really good trainer, long before Manny was tearing up the world and even when Manny lost to Morales and ppl were down on both Manny and freddie.

No, I think Freddie is a good trainer, I guess what I am trying to say was that there are only a few he has led to the promise land, he def knows fighting i forget how many years he actually boxed but yeah, those 17 and the 1st link actually make my point, the 1st link talks about Amir Khan and Manny by name...thats it....

I agree its a good number or statistic to have 17 world champs want to work with you, he didn't make them champs again though but, as you pointed out, there has been a steady decline in boxing and the availability of GREAT trainer's....

Nacho is def one of them that doesn't get his due really IMO, and he got Oscar ready for Manny, there was no way Oscar was gonna win that fight and i would submit that if say....LOL Panama Lewis trained Manny for that fight, Manny still would have beaten Oscar....Im just saying its not all Freddie......

Manny could have been trained by other trainers and he would be pretty much as good as he is now IMO......I could be wrong....

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