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Originally Posted by JimmyJames View Post
Yea you are the only one who noticed............. kidding

I wondered the same during Evans Silva. The first 12 minutes of that fight were Evans gets the takedown, Evans does no damage, Silva gets back up then repeat.

I wanted Evans to win the fight but when the third round started I no longer cared who won.

Isn't Silva a BJJ blackbelt, why no submission attempts????

They both looked unimpressive last night.
Agreed pretty trashy fight overall. Radhad did just enough to win the fight with the takedowns while Silva was being way more gunshy than he usually is. With performances like that both would get absolutely killed by Shogun and Machida in title fight. I wonder if getting his lights shut down for the first time by Machida affected Rashad's choise of gameplan against Silva...

Anyway, assuming Rashad vs. Rampage -fight is next I really hope Rashad comes with a proper game plan, because Rampage has great wrestling (Re: Hendo fight) and arguably just as dangerous (although less technical) striking as Silva does. Basically with a perfomance like that I see Rampage knocking Rashad out pretty quick.

"When I land that left hook, the fight will be over." -Paul Daley (He called it!)
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