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Originally Posted by The Lone Wolf View Post
Way to hijack a thread guys. . .

I'm not sure why alot of fighters find it hard to stop the wall walk, but i'm sure theres valid reasons. The only point i can think is that if you do grab the legs and circle towards the cage, youre losing alot of control over the upper body of your opponent, as youre going to be shifting your weight to the side, so maybe its easier to be swept? I really cant offer more than that. . .
Yeah I wish I had the chance to actually TRAIN in a cage, consistently. You just can't replicate that kinda thing well on the mats or in a ring, especially since most places don't have mats right up to the wall and tend to have an open space.

I think you're right though, seems logical. It seems whenever there's no weight and pressure on someone's upper body keeping them down, it's easy to use that freedom and upper body strength to roll or sweep. That seems to be the most common mistake in top control, to not have enough weight on the opponent's upper body and allow then to just raise up and twist.
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