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Entering the 2010 with 108.

So, after watching the 'cursed' UFC 108 PPV, which turned out great, I checked out, what's planned for the rest of the year (well, the first quarter of it..). And when that was finnished, a question blew in to my mind - Did the surprisingly good 108 opened the gate to a very exciting start of 2010?
Sure, anything can happen, becouse injuries come and go, but we can atleast hope, can we?

Let's take a look at the next PPV's.
109 - Ok, maybe nothing that exciting, from a 'name' standpoint, and even though I'm not buying it (don't live in the US), I'm definatley going to watch it, and maybe it can turn out like 108!
110 - At least for me, it's getting really interesting from here. First of all, we have a ME, where the winner should be one of the next contenders. Then there is Silva-Bisping and Cro Cop-Rothwell, both probably being stand-up wars, and more..
111 - GSP-Hardy, Alves-Fitch, Mir-Carwin, Baroni-Davis. Should I really comment?
112 - Nothing for this is official, but there are going rumors about Silva-Belfort being here!
113 - Rumors for Machida-Rua 2 and Evans-Rampage.

Like I said - anything can happen, when injuries comes along, but if everything turns out like this, 2010 could come with a real bang!
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