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Originally Posted by The Lone Wolf View Post
I dont believe any of the fighters are versed in magic. But since you ask, i believe Silva had the momentum, and Rashad would have tried to take him down and squeeze out a decision. Having said that, i think each fighters gameplan would have been different had it been a scheduled 5 rounder, as would their cardio. And i dont think i ever said that 5 round fights wouldnt go to a judges decision. What i did say is 5 round fights give the fighters more opportunity to finish the fight decisively.

Yea, Silva had the momentum for about 20 seconds until he just backed off as he did for the rest of the fight because he gassed hard. And I don't think their gameplans who have been any different. Thiago would have basically turned into Tito in there and kept gassing hard and we would have more fans coming on here and b*tching about it.

5 Rounds may give them some more opportunities to finish the fight, but after the first 3 rounds, their opportunities drop off greatly due to fatigue and unless they are the top 2 guys in their division or something special, chances are they are not going to go the distance.

Honestly, how many 5 round fights end in the 4th or 5th? Most usually end in the 2nd or 3rd, or in the case of the HW division, the 1st. 3 Rounds is plenty.
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