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Originally Posted by swpthleg View Post

Magik, how do you get a cat to keep a shirt on? I've never seen a cat that would tolerate clothing.
It was after we got her fixed so she was drugged up so I'm sure that helped. But that cat is a wild one but at the same time chill when it comes to playing dress up. Guess she just likes strutting her stuff

Originally Posted by KryOnicle View Post
He's amazing! One of the best looking boxers I've seen (except Butterbean <3 )

Upload them and send me the links, I'll resize them for you.

Originally Posted by Satori View Post
@ MagiK---- your Boxer is lovely---

Thanks to both of you, and yeah I love that dog to death. Super well behaved, doesn't mess with the cats much, and is great around kids. (Not that I have kids yet) but if I did I wouldn't worry at all with this dog, and most boxers.

Also Satori, your dogs are pretty bad ass as well. Use to own a blue nosed pitty but it passed away due to some urinary track infection but I'm not sure I'd want a pit bull these days, even though I love them at the same time.

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