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Dogo Argentino--- its mostly ALL in how they are raised.

APBT are GREAT dogs--- of course one cannot throw a blanket statement at anything--- just like with humans there are some pretty bad ones out there that are just BAD GENETICALLY--- in most cases how ever its all in how they are raised. APBT's like Xeberus mentioned do have the tools to cause much more damage then their smaller counter parts--- but any dog can and will cause damage left un-trained.

I train dogs for fun and my guys and gals are so far pretty good, BUT you know what they say "do not ever brag about your kids or dogs because that's when they will let ya down" LOL.

Thanks swpthleg your words are very kind--- best wishes to EVERYONE in this new year.

Thanks MagiK for your kind words as well.

DA, APBT, Patterdales and so on are WORKING TYPE breeds they are most happy when they stay busy---leave them with out work or some sort of exercise and they become problems--- KINDA LIKE SOME OF US, LOL.


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