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So I didn't die or get fat, or anything. My computer gave out and I only recently replaced it. Training has been slackened a bit though, I won't lie. I got sick again shortly after and was out for a week or two on some strepped throat. Then I went and saw family over the holidays as well. However, I'm not THAT far off from where I was, give it 2 weeks.

Looking ahead, I'm doing a BJJ tournament at the beginning of february that my gym is hosting. My second tournament and first in the blue belt division. Not expecting to do great, but I think I'll hold my own and am just feeling a hunger to compete. I told Kajan I want to fight in March. Hopefully something works out there. I gotta show that I want it and start training at the Langley location to step my game up more in the bigger pond.

Gym just opened today after the holidays. GOOD TO BE BACK. I felt a bit more tired than usual but truthfully it wasn't that bad.

Technique was all from knee on belly. First the 180 armbar and Dave emphasized that you really shouldn't 180, but cut it off short and armbar diagonally to make it faster and isolate his arm more. We got an interesting new one but to be honest I wouldn't know how to explain it. I don't think it'll be popping up in rolling anytime soon.

I've been reading alot of Jiu Jitsu University by Saulo as well as re-watching some of his dvds, so I had a few new things I was looking I wanted darces, ezekiels, and a choke/armbar combo from mount.

In rolling I did average. I caught a darce on a guy that was turtled and nearly got it on another guy. Just a versatile move that I've never really looked into. I'll keep putting in an extra effort on these. Also caught a collar choke from mount and he tapped so I didn't get to armbar him. Ezekiels however didn't pay off today. Tried twice from mount, one time he was able to protect and the other guy rolled me, which was odd because I very rarely get rolled while grapevining. He is like 300lbs though. Got a kimura or two, got a triangle then rolled to mount and armbarred him....I think that's it. I guess it was a pretty good day of rolling I didn't get tapped today but one blue belt was positionally dominate...was caught in side control early, got half guard, recovered guard, and that was the round.

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