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Day #1 without the wifey around.

Feed animals. Slept till like 2pm. Watched some TV.

Had some cereal, considered pouring the milk straight into the bag that holds the cereal being that there wasnt all that much in the box left, but decided against it.

Post almost all day on this site. Learned a few things. Talked to my friend Chris who actually needs me to help him on a job wednesday. Yay money!!!

Then called my friend Chuck who lives in Austin to come over Thursday. He will be bringing something good to . Then surfed the interwebs for tits and other hetro-man things.

Made my phone call for unemployment. Which means I get paid on thursday. Checked out Craigslist for jobs which always turns up empty being that I live in the middle of nowheresville Texas.

Had a frozen pizza for dinner. Ate the whole thing slowly while using the box it came with as a dinner plate. Posted on the lovely some more.

Tuesday looks to be more of the same. Awesome!
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