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Day #2 without the wifey around.

Stayed up real late. Watched a few movies really loud. Listened to a few old MC5 albums also really loud.

Made another pizza today. It was really good, i love grilled veggies on pizza good stuff.

Posted on this site a lot. Took a nap that turned into a 5 hour nap. Of course that was on the couch, without pants.......

Made some cookies, ate a little of the cookie dough, the cookies turned out to be dinner.

Surfed the net. Watched some "Moral Oral" on the Cartoon Network. It was the episode where he was smoking crack. Funny stuff!!!

It sucks I have to be awake at 6am for 1 lousy day of work. Even though I am currently unemployed, the 1 day of work this week kinda makes me mad. I mean I could be at home in my underwear doing nothing at all...... but instead I gotta go help a good friend........ Gotta make that $$$$$ though....
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