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Originally Posted by Ruckus View Post
She is 7 months and just a bundle of awesomeness...Not a big fan of the dentist so I hope that went well for you.
It did. I listened to my iPod so I didn't hear any scary sounds. I took a Vicodin about 10 min ago and I'm eating some grits. I love grits.

Spoken, I will get the vanilla milkshake, however I will need to spike it and I'm not allowed to drink with a straw for about 10 days. That should provide an amusing visual.

I see that I cannot leave this thread for part of a day without sword fights, dong slap duels, men in leather wearing sushi, and other high level gheyness breaking out. *sigh*

All of you should find the "sword fight" scene from the modern classic Sorority Boys on YouTube.

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