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Originally Posted by flourhead
bro he injured himself during the fight... how can you say he has a low tolerance for pain when he was eating sylvia's best punches and shaking them off like they were nothing? even sylvia admitted arlovski was tough to be able to take those hits like that... maybe fighters will snap there jaws back into place but its kind of hard for them to sew together torn ligaments or muscles... also arlovski didnt make excuses. he fought the full 5 rounds instead of just giving up in the middle of the fight

Ok. You except AA's excuse. That's cool.

Both of mine are blown....So I know the pain well.

All I'm saying is that unless he was taken out on a stretcher, immobilized, walking with crutches or even a limp, I might feel different about the out come. But he moved in and out, circled and seemed to fight. Unless he blew them out in the opening bell, it doesn't explain why he didn't do anything different tactically from the opening few minutes when he realized that Silva was still standing after hitting him.
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