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Originally Posted by TYKIDD
Really thought Lutter exposed Silva. Very possibly the worst takedown defense I have ever seen. Silva showed how to beat him. I see everyone taking advantage of it in the future. Take him down pound him out. Lutter should have won when he had him mounted.
Good thing Anderson has good BJJ to DEFEND the mount pal.

Worst takedown defense? Umm, actually Silva stuffed Lutter plenty of times and when Lutter did take him to the ground, Silva completely had him in control completely through, didn't let Lutter pass, prevented him from doing NOTHING, while also doing more work on the bottom, aside from that one mount Lutter amounted to jack shit.

And as far as worse takedown defense, you obviously didn't watch the Heath Herring fight.

By the way, Rich Frankin still got his ass kicked, no matter how much you down Silva.

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